Every witch explores the dark.
They make of it an inky canvas
     to paint with colors from beyond.

I live in this abyss.
I hunger.
I wait.
I dream of many sorceresses.
I see them from beyond the looking glass.
I watch as they befriend the dark
     too young, naive, to see the thorns among the roses.

My whispers echo in her chambers.
The fledgling witch with knife in hand,
     her stance is proud, her feet are cold.
With candles lit, she summons little rivers
     of deep thick red to rain upon my door.
Her eyes penetrate the murk.
She listens to my song.
Between the arrogance and wants
     she can not help but be seduced.

We touch.
One more story swallowed by the dark.
One more to help entice the next.

Original Sketch

Seduction was a painting made for Codex Obscurus, a book project containing works by many dark fantasy artists on the subject of witches and witchery.
You can see the project here.